An Appreciation of Otis G Carol, Inventor of Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Take into consideration taking a toddler to a medical doctor with rheumatic fever and juvenile arthritis so excessive that the crippled nails on his fingers lacerated the palms of his arms. That was the case of Otis G. Carroll (1879-1962). Happily he found an MD who studied with Sebastian Kneipp who cured him. Later Carroll studied herbs. Then off to Chicago the place he educated in chiropractic and with naturopath Henry Lindlair.

Carroll went to Spokane, Washington to introduce nature remedy there. He stayed there until he died in 1962. His methodology was:

o Properly being ought to at all times come from and maintained by digested meals

o Assimilation converts it to vitamin

o Failed digestion creates tendency to sickness

Carroll is remembered for originating constitutional hydrotherapy and creating considered one of many first methods to search out meals sensitivities. Constitutional treatment consists of:

o Cold and warm compresses to chest, abdomen, once more

o Wool blankets

o Mild electrical stimulation

The treatment stimulates the carry out of the digestive tract, immune system, spinal column, respiratory methods and crucial services underlying the dealt with areas. The system is easy to individualize and works correctly with hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, and infertility. Based mostly on Carroll the water treatment under no circumstances failed if utilized appropriately. His methodology to meals sensitivity was that everyone has meals enemies and observing the outcomes of what one consumes is the essential factor to remedy.

Carroll found seven fundamental meals sensitivities:

o Dairy

o Fruit

o Eggs

o Potatoes

o Sugar

o Grains

Carroll moreover used iris prognosis. By noting changes inside the iris all through a therapeutic course of he would possibly predict what organ methods may bear a therapeutic catastrophe. His therapies have been typically a long term affair and classy People want a magic bullet that does not embody nature remedy. It takes time.

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